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Establishing a functional diabetic retinopathy screening service in general practice and primary health care services

Mater Group is pleased to launch an online practice implementation module which provides a comprehensive guide for clinicians and managers to establish a functional diabetic retinopathy screening service in their practice.

The online module is based on the findings of a three year National Health and Medical Research Council trial which identified that general practices, with appropriate camera and in-practice training, achieved mean effective diabetic retinopathy screening rates of 99% compared with an NHMRC estimated national rate of 50%. 

The online module includes perspectives of patients and practitioners regarding optimal screening and is suitable for urban, rural and Aboriginal Medical Service settings. 

It can be undertaken as a practice or GP-only training. The online self-test allows GPs to be confident in the accuracy of their post training image interpretation.

Register now for the diabetic retinopathy online module

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