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GP Liaison Midwife

Telephone: 07 3163 1861
Mobile: 0466 205 710
Email: GP Liaison Midwife

Appointments and bookings

Mater Mothers’ Hospital

Telephone: 07 3163 1918

Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane

Telephone: 07 3163 1918
Web: Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane Obstetricians

Mater Mothers’ Private Redland

Telephone: 07 3163 7444


Mater Mothers’ Hospitals at South Brisbane

Telephone: 07 3163 1918 or 07 3163 1919

Mater Mothers' Private Redland

Telephone: 07 3163 7444

Emergency for pregnant women

Mater Mothers' Hospitals Pregnancy Assessment Centre

If patient is more than 20 weeks pregnant and experiencing pregnancy-related problems, or it has been less than six weeks since their baby’s birth, they should go directly to Mater Mothers’ Hospitals Pregnancy Assessment Centre located on level 5, Mater Mothers' Hospitals at South Brisbane.

If patient is less than 20 weeks pregnant, and has bleeding or in pain, call their obstetrician or 13 HEALTH.

If mother or baby requires immediate or emergency medical attention please call 000 or attend the closest emergency department.

Shared Care GPs location

GPs who are aligned to Mater’s GP Maternity Shared care program.

Shared care GPs locations

Antenatal Clinic

Mater Mothers’ Hospital

Telephone: 07 3163 8330

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