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Minimum Referral Requirements

Referrals to Mater Specialist Clinics must be in writing (letter or fax) and as a minimum contain the following:

  • Referral to a named specialist
  • Patient demographics including :
    • Patient’s full name (and aliases) and the name of the parent or caregiver (if appropriate)
    • Patient’s full address (residential and postal / contact) and telephone contact numbers,
    • Patient’s date of birth,
    • Medicare number,
    • Preferred language and interpreter requirements (including parent or caregiver interpreter requirements),
    • Indicate if the patient has identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.
  • Referring practitioner details including:
    • Referring practitioner’s full name,
    • Referring practitioner’s full address, phone and fax numbers,
    • Referring practitioner’s provider number.
  • Relevant information about the patient’s condition including:
    • Reason for referral (the problem to be assessed, question/s asked of the specialist colleague),
    • Presenting symptoms,
    • Physical findings,
    • Details regarding investigations completed previously, copies of results/reports,
    • Details regarding outcomes of previous referrals regarding problem at hand, copies of letters, etc.,
    • Details of any previous treatments (include systemic and topical medications prescribed for the condition),
    • Details of any associated medical conditions which may affect the condition of its treatment (e.g. diabetes),
    • Current medications and dosages,
    • Allergies.
  • Relevant psychological or social issues, including impact on employment, education, home, activities of daily living.
  • Patient Status (e.g. DVA, WorkCover, Motor Vehicle insurance, etc.)
  • Signature of referring practitioner
  • Date of referral

Available appointments are provided to patients based on clinical priority.  Please provide sufficient clinical information to enable appropriate triaging.

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