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Diabetes - public patients


This page contains information for general practitioners on how to refer adult patients to the Queensland Diabetes and Endocrine Centre (QDEC) at Mater Health.

Mater also offers a Young Adult Diabetes Transition Clinic, to assist patients and families transition from paediatric into adult care.

These services are offered in our specialist outpatient clinics and for eligible patients aged between 16 and 25 years at Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane.

Scope of Service

The Queensland Diabetes and Endocrine Centre (QDEC) is a tertiary referral centre for people with diabetes. The main objective of QDEC is to optimise diabetes management in patients who are experiencing current and/or ongoing difficulties with their diabetes. Because of the tertiary nature of the service provided, we aim to discharge patients with Type 2 diabetes back to their GP whenever possible. It should be noted that it may take several visits to achieve acceptable glycaemic control prior to discharge.

This service does not have the capacity to accept referrals for:

  • Stable type 2 diabetes
  • Newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes
  • Dietary advice for weight reduction, high cholesterol, hypertension or CVD in patients with diabetes

Please note: All women who are currently pregnant should be referred to the Obstetric Medicine Clinic and not to our department.

Patients with diabetes who have been diagnosed as being at "high risk" of developing foot complications can be referred directly into the High Risk Podiatry Service at Mater Hospital Brisbane. Please view the Allied Health referral guidelines for this service prior to sending a referral.

Referral Criteria

Please include all of the minimum referral requirements and:

  • type of diabetes and duration of disease
  • previous therapies that have been used to treat the disease
  • presence of any complications and details when screening last performed
  • previous allied health reviews of risk factors
  • details of any management/care plans that are in place
  • weight/BMI
  • blood pressure
  • history of smoking
  • HBA1c
  • Fasting Lipids - Chol, LDL, HDL, Tg
  • Urinary protein / microalbumin
  • If Type 1 diabetes: anti-transglutaminase antibodies, IgA for celiac dx
  • If peripheral neuropathy: B12, folate, serum EPP

Mater Adult Referral Form

Referrals can be sent by:

Secure messaging           Medical Objects:   HM4101000R8

                                     HealthLink EDI:      materref                                                                                             

Fax                                07 3163 8548

Anticipated Waiting Times for Appointments

Available appointments are provided to our patients based on clinical priority

IMPORTANT: If you suspect your patient has DKA or Hyperglycaemic hyperosmolar coma, please send them to the Emergency Department where they will be assessed and then seen by the QDC team where appropriate.

Examples only (not a complete list of referrals accepted). This should be used as a general guideline only – categorisation will be based on the individual referral.


-  Newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes

-  Acute Charcot foot

-  Infected foot ulcer

-  Pregnancy in patient with type 1 or 2 diabetes*

-  Newly diagnosed gestational diabetes*



-  Non infected foot ulcer in patient with diabetes

-  Poorly controlled type 1 or type 2 diabetes with recent deterioration despite therapy (typically HbA1c>10%)

-  Major or problematic episodes of hypoglycaemia



-  Diabetes associated with recent diagnosis of significant micro- or macro-vascular complication(s)

-  Diabetes associated with uncontrolled risk factors for CVD

-  Unsatisfactorily controlled diabetes with recent deterioration despite therapy (typically HbA1c>8.5%)

-  Requiring specialist review for commercial driver’s licence

-  Diabetes associated with “high risk foot”

-  Preconception planning

-  Stable type 1 diabetes

- Self management education or difficulties in managing diabetes not able to be managed in the community

- Stable type 1 diabetes

- for consideration or commencement of continuous glucose monitoring or continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion pump

Contact QDC on 07 3163 2500 – most patients are seen within 2 weeks in usual situations. Most patients are seen within 30 days in usual situations. Most patients are seen within 90 days months in usual situations. Most patients are seen within 365 days in usual situations.

*Refer directly to antenatal clinic via telephone on 07 3163 8330 and fax referrals to 07 3163 8053.


Our Specialists

Dr Helen Barrett Director of Endocrinology, Endocrinologist
Dr Trisha O'Moore-Sulllivan  Endocrinologist
Dr Adam Morton Endocrinologist
Dr Stephanie Teasdale Endocrinologist
Dr Janelle Nisbet Endocrinologist
Dr Tom Dover Endocrinologist


Bulk Billed Clinics

Mater Health Services offers patients the opportunity to attend bulk billed clinics.  To provide your patient with the opportunity to attend a bulk billed specialist clinic, please provide a named referral to one of our specialists listed above.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss a referral, including clinical criteria, or update the status of a current patient please contact our priority GP phone line on 07 3163 2200 

Pre-Referral Guidelines

Best Practice Guidelines for Health Professionals by Diabetes Australia

Content reviewed 23/12/15


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