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Dr Kate Sofronoff

Specialty: Emotional and Mental Health
Clinical Interests: Adolescent and adult mental health, autism spectrum conditions, intellectual disability, anxiety, depression, social-emotional skills difficulties, relationship difficulties, functional skill development.
Practices at: MPHB
Phone 07 3163 2412
Email[email protected]

Consult Rooms

Emotional Health Unit
Level 7, Salmon Building, Raymond Terrace
South Brisbane QLD 4101
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Kate is a registered psychologist with endorsements in Clinical Psychology and Educational and Developmental Psychology. She has over 20 years of experience working with individuals on the autism spectrum and with their families.  Her particular areas of interest include anxiety, social-emotional skill development, depression and any of the difficulties that frequently occur in the context of an autism spectrum condition or an intellectual disability – planning and organisation, sleep issues, relationship difficulties, sensory issues and so on.

The general approach that Kate uses is grounded in Positive Psychology and therefore focuses on using a person’s strengths to help them to overcome difficulties and learn new skills and strategies to achieve positive outcomes. The approach also employs evidence-based interventions that have been shown to be effective for people with an autism spectrum condition or an intellectual disability. This includes behavioural strategies, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment therapy as appropriate to the individual.

Sessions with Kate will always emphasise the priorities of the individual and will move at a pace that is suited to each individual. Sometimes trying new things can be difficult and it is important to ensure that a person is comfortable with trying a new strategy, but learning new skills can also be rewarding and sometimes even fun.

Kate was previously on staff at the University of Queensland where she taught in the postgraduate clinical program and during that time served as both the Director of Clinical Training and Clinic Director. She conducted research in the area of autism spectrum conditions and was a lead researcher on a number of projects in the Autism CRC as well as collaborating on many other major research projects. Kate has published widely and has been a keynote or invited speaker at many national and international conferences.

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