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Dr Sanmarié Schlebusch

Specialty: Pathology
Special Interests: General microbiology, molecular microbiology and technologies for the identification of infectious agents e.g. MALDI-TOF and PCR
Practices at:
Phone 07 3163 8500

Consult Rooms

Mater Pathology
Level 6, Mater Hospital Brisbane
Raymond Terrace
South Brisbane QLD 4101


Dr Sanmarié Schlebusch is Director of Microbiology at Mater Pathology. Dr Schlebusch obtained her MBChB from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. After moving to Australia she initially worked as a general practitioner before specialising in microbiology. She has worked in both private and public pathology before joining Mater Pathology in 2010. She is also a senior lecturer of the University of Queensland.

Dr Schlebusch has a keen interest in modern technologies for diagnosis of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance. She has performed research on staphylococcal toxic shock, MALDI-TOF-MS (matrix assisted laser desorption/ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry), and microbial whole genome sequencing.

She has presented and published on the application and utility of MALDI-TOF MS including for rapid identification of multiresistant organisms and investigation of outbreaks. She has also presented and published on the use of whole genome sequencing in the routine diagnostic laboratory for determining bacterial relatedness. She is currently undertaking research assessing the effects of antibiotics on the gut microbiome using a metagenomic sequencing approach.

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