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Now you have found Chronic Kidney Disease, what do you do? Nephrologist Dr Richard Baer discusses approaches.

The growing burden of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) means we will all come across this diagnosis in our day to day work. Most recent estimates show one in 10 Australians have CKD and nine out of 10 of these people are unaware they have it. CKD is common and harmful, yet treatable.

New Mater Pathology collection centres

Mater Pathology has expanded its collection centre network with the addition of two new centres.

Mater doctors give James something to smile about

Five year-old James Narte Estrera from the Philippines has undergone surgery at Mater Children’s Private Brisbane for a complex craniofacial cleft thanks to Mater Children’s Private Brisbane and Operation Smile Australia.

Mater Cancer Care Centre Coordinator provides guidance and support

Mater Cancer Care Centre (MCCC) now has a Cancer Care Coordinator working full-time to help private patients navigate their way through the healthcare system and to support them through their treatment across the organisation. 

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