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A road map to the future

Tuesday 18 May 2021

A road map to the future

In our first edition of Scope Queensland for 2021, I reported our intention to reshape the Mater Health strategy. During the past nine months, the Mater state health leadership team have been working tirelessly to develop a new and comprehensive roadmap for our future. Our aim is for our people and partners to feel we have our priorities right, we are focussed on high performance and there is an understanding and desire to transform and evolve to get where we need to be—a place of innovation and excitement for us all.

Framed by our Strategic Goal—the delivery of consistent safe, high quality, evidence-based healthcare and an improved experience for patients, consumers, partners and Mater People—we are taking steps to enhance our teams and capacity throughout the entire patient healthcare journey. Over the coming months, our new Health Service Plans will inform the development of our clinical service plan. In combination, these will give us the information we need to understand, identify and tackle opportunities to transform, optimise and grow.

Our strategy execution will be chaired by the Regional Executive Committees led by Acting Regional Executive Director South East Queensland, Michelle Somlyay and Regional Executive Director Central Queensland and North Queensland, Gerry Wyvill. Supporting them with this activity will be:

  • Clinical Systems—Chris Foley, Director of Clinical Governance
  • Operational Performance—Lee Macdonald, Director of Operational Performance
  • Transforming Health—A/Prof Mike Beckmann, Director of Mothers, Babies and Women’s Health and Chief Digital Health Officer, supported by Fiona Hinchcliffe, A/Executive Director, Community Services
  • Business Growth and Development—Lisa Dibbs, Director of Business Development.

In parallel, we have been working with a health planner to develop comprehensive Health Service Plans for each of our Mater private hospitals, which include assessments of the current activity as well as high-level projections for the future, including infrastructure requirements to take us to 2031 and beyond.

As more details come to hand, we look forward to keeping you engaged with all things Mater Health.

Daniele Doyle
Executive Director, Mater Health

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