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Ultrasound scanner delivers ‘gold standard’ prostate care

Monday 31 May 2021

Ultrasound scanner delivers ‘gold standard’ prostate care

The treatment of prostate conditions, including cancer, has been enhanced by Mater Private Hospital Mackay’s acquisition of a transperineal ultrasound scanner.

The new equipment now enables transperineal prostate biopsies to be performed at Mater Private Hospital Mackay and is considered to the be the gold standard for prostate diagnosis.

The benefits of transperineal biopsies include improved accuracy, reduced risk of infection and an increased level of comfort for patients.

For patients undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, the new technology allows seeds to be implanted prior to radiotherapy as part of brachytherapy.

Previously, local prostate cancer patients had to fly to Brisbane or Townsville for the 40-minute procedure; but now the new services have been bolstered by the appointment of a specialist prostate cancer nurse for the region to support local patients affected by prostate cancer.  

Mater Private Hospital Mackay Executive Officer, Elizabeth Thomas, believes that the acquisition of the transperineal ultrasound scanner is an important development for patients in the Mackay region.

“This is a great outcome for the community,” Elizabeth said.

“Diagnostic accuracy has increased, and local prostate cancer patients can now get their treatment here in Mackay instead of being forced to fly to another city.

“Mater is providing world-class treatment and ensuring our patients can stay close to home.”


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