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Young Adult Diabetes Transition Clinic - public patients 

For patients transitioning from paediatric to young adult care

Scope of Service

The Mater Young Adult Diabetes Transition Clinics are for patients aged between 16 and 18 years of age.  The purpose of the clinics is to support the smooth transition of diabetes care from LCCH and or other paediatric healthcare providers to the Mater Young Adult Health Centre.  The Mater Young Adult Diabetes service offers two initial transition clinics:

  • Medical Led Transition Clinic for young people with diabetes who have complex health issues. At this clinic the young person is seen by an Endocrinologist and a Diabetes Nurse Educator and other team members.
  • Diabetes Nurse Educator Led Transition Clinic for young people with diabetes who have better self-management capacity and less complex medical requirements.

Following the initial transition clinic appointment the patient will then be offered ongoing care within the Young Adult Diabetes Clinic which is a multi-disciplinary team offering comprehensive care for young people with diabetes. 

If you would like your patient to access the Mater Young Adult Diabetes service please provide the following information set out in our referral criteria.

Referral Criteria

Please include all of the minimum referral requirements and the following information relevant to the patient you are referring.

Please include:

  • type of diabetes & age at diagnosis
  • current therapies and modes of administration used to treat the patient’s diabetes
  • presence of any complications and details when screening last performed (if appropriate)
  • summary of previous allied health reviews
  • summary of CYMHS/mental health team involvement
  • details of any management/care plans that are in place
  • weight/BMI percentile graphing
  • blood pressure
  • history of smoking and any recreational drug use
  • HBA1c

If available, please also include the following information:

  • Fasting Lipids - Chol, LDL, HDL, Tg
  • Urinary albumin creatinine ratio
  • anti-transglutaminase antibodies, IgA for coeliac diagnosis
  • recent retinal examination photo/report

Patients should be referred using the Mater Hospital Brisbane Outpatient Clinic Referral Form and can be faxed to 07 3163 1543.

Referral categorisation guidelines

(medical led clinic)

(diabetes nurse led educator clinic)

- Diagnosis of type 1 diabetes within last 12 months

- HbA1C >9%

-  identification of complications: micro or macro vascular

-  multiple co-morbidities, e.g. cystic fibrosis, obesity, diagnosed eating disorder

- disordered eating

- confirmed diagnosis of a mental health condition

- hypoglycaemia unawareness

- recent hospitalisation for DKA

- planned or unplanned pregnancy

- diagnosis of co-existing disease/s

- HbA1c <9%

- adequate diabetes self-management capacity and actively participating in regular health care

- previous regular attendance in Paediatric diabetes care

- family/social support

- minimal diabetes related hospital admissions in the previous 12 months


Preparation for transition to an adult health care provider:

There are important principles in the effective transition of young people from paediatric to adult care which include:

  • Education and preparation for transition should commence by the age of 14
  • Transition should be flexible and individualised so as to meet the needs of each young person
  • Family members require support and education about the transition process and are encouraged to remain involved in the young person’s care (this includes attending some appointments)
  • Transition is most successful if a designated health professional is assigned to each young person
  • All appropriate options for adult diabetes care should be discussed and offered to the young person and family. They should be encouraged to choose the adult diabetes care provider who best meets their needs (this may include geographical location, close to home, work or university, clinic hours, Young people should be encouraged to seek an alternate health provider should their initial choice not “fit well”.
  • Young people should not be transitioned while in a crisis
  • Ensure that a comprehensive referral is forwarded to the adult care provider with current contact details such as telephone number, address and email, NOK and GP.
  • The young person’s GP should be involved in the transition process.

Mater Young Adult Diabetes Health Care Team

Dr Trisha O'Moore-Sullivan Director of Endocrinology, Endocrinologist
Dr Neisha D'Silva Endocrinologist
Dr Janelle Nisbet Endocrinologist
Dr Adam Morton Endocrinologist
Jane Degenaars Clinical Nurse Consultant - Diabetes Educator
Trish Bowden, Margie Vitanza, Melissa Tait, Peta Prentice Clinic Nurse - Diabetes Educator
Helen d'Emden, Claire Waugh Dietician Diabetes Educator
Dr Alan Heady Psychologist
Dr Trevor Sadler Psychiatrist
Andy Tao Orthoptist


Bulk Billed Clinics

Mater Young Adult Services offers patients the opportunity to attend bulk billed clinics. To provide your patient with the opportunity to attend a bulk billed specialist clinic, please provide a named referral to one of our specialists listed above.

Contact Us

If you wish to discuss a referral with a medical officer from this specialty, please contact the Mater Young Adult Diabetes Service on 07 3163 2500. 

Pre-Referral Guidelines

Content reviewed 05/04/2016


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