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Rehabilitation Unit - Mater Private Hospital Brisbane

Mater Private Hospital Brisbane Rehabilitation Unit aims to restore or compensate for experiences of disability and assist people to maintain optimal functioning and independence.

The unit includes inpatient services and a day therapy rehabilitation program that focuses on equipping patients with the skills to regain independence, get back to work or get on with activities around the home.

The individualised and specialised rehabilitation programs aim to improve areas such as mobility, balance, upper and lower limb strength and function, ability to manage domestic tasks, pain management, domestic tasks and community living skills.

The Rehabilitation Unit multidisciplinary team includes medical specialists in rehabilitation, geriatric medicine, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, speech pathologist, rehabilitation nurses, social workers dieticians and pharmacists.

Rehabilitation may benefit patients with:

  • neurological conditions, including stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, or following neurosurgery
  • orthopaedic conditions of the upper and lower body such as hip or knee replacement surgery, spinal surgery, lower limb amputation or recovering from fractures
  • general reconditioning following prolonged illness, multiple injuries or respiratory conditions
  • after falls at home
  • a range of chronic pain conditions requiring management

People may be admitted to rehabilitation after acute illness or injury. Others may have longer term or chronic conditions, currently managed at home however may benefit from a period of rehabilitation.

A preadmission medical review is undertaken for all patients and recommendations can be made regarding rehabilitation needs and options.

Refer a patient to the Rehabilitation Unit - Mater Private Hospital Brisbane. 

For further information please contact the Rehabilitation Coordinator on 07 3163 1946.



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