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Refer to Mater using secure messaging

You can now refer patients to Mater using secure electronic messaging. For GPs who already send with Medical-Objects or HealthLink, there are no additional costs to refer to Mater.

Upon receipt of your referral, you will receive an automated reply.

Secure messaging is available for public patients referred to the Mater Specialist Outpatient Clinics and Mater Mothers' Antenatal Clinics.

Please note: Referrals to the Emergency Department should not be sent to this address.

Where do I get templates and instructions?

Instructions and forms can be found by following the links from Quick Referrals at the top of the page at Mater Online, or from:

You will need to enter your contact details and click through to download the referral form/s and instructions.

Materonline also contains comprehensive referral resources, including but not limited to outpatient waitlist times and comprehensive referral guidelines for our clinics.

How do I send e-referrals via secure messaging?

The secure messaging addresses for Mater Outpatient Referral and Antenatal Clinic Referral forms are:

Medical Objects ID HealthLink EDI
HM4101000R8 materref

Our address can be found in the Medical Objects address book by searching 'Mater Brisbane Central Referrals'. 

It is also embedded in the template for your convenience

Using the latest templates will ensure that your Medical Objects referral client can pick up the patient’s name correctly – this is the name you will see in your automated reply message

Instructions for adding our EDI in your address book can be found in the HealthLink support product guides for supported practice management software packages.

If you have Medical Director and intend to send via HealthLink, you will need to contact us with your own HealthLink EDI address to receive the automated acknowledgment reply. Contact us on 07 3163 2200 and choose the Technical Support option.

If you need assistance with Medical Objects you can contact them by phoning 07 5456 6000 or via email at [email protected]

For instructions on how to use Medical Objects as your referral client, please visit: Using the Referral Client - Knowledgebase - Medical-Objects Knowledgebase

If you need assistance with setting up your address book or sending via HealthLink, call 1800 125 036 or email [email protected]


If your referral has attachments that cannot be sent via secure messaging, please fax these to the number on the referral form.


Referral enquiries and technical support

For information on referrals, criteria, scheduled appointments or technical support for our templates we have implemented a GP Priority phone line: 07 3163 2200.

General enquiries

For further information on the referral process and secure messaging at Mater please contact our General Practice Liaison Officer on:

Email: [email protected]

Alternatively, view our Frequently Asked Questions page for electronic referrals at Mater via secure messaging.

E-health support for your practice

The Brisbane South PHN Digital Health team can provide additional support and resources for GP’s. For technical support and training, please contact your relevant secure messaging vendor.

Phone:  1300 467 265
Email:  [email protected]

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