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Mater Referral Guidelines

These referral guidelines are consistent criteria and clinical decision support tools that will help ensure patients referred to Mater for public specialist outpatient services are assessed in order of clinical urgency. Mater has adopted state-wide tools where these are available to ensure referring for public services is as simple and equitable as possible. 

Catchment criteria applies to referrals for Mater Hospital Brisbane. Patients who reside outside the Mater SEQ Catchment (which includes Metro South HHS and West Moreton HHS) may not be accepted.

The guidelines are used by both referring practitioners and Mater specialists to ensure safe and quality referral and consistent low variality in determining how quickly the patient should be seen (urgency category).

These tools have been developed to improve access. They aim to ensure:

  • Specialist outpatient appointments that are delivered in order of clinical urgency
  • Patients are ready for care at their first specialist outpatient appointment
  • Improved referral and communication processes between referrers and specialist outpatient services

If you require information on public maternity care at Mater then this is available on our maternity referrals page.


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