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New computer rollout, improving the performance of Intelleviewer

Friday 12 March 2021

New computer rollout, improving the performance of Intelleviewer

Mater’s digital workplace project is now in progress with the replacement of computers organisation-wide with the aim of improving efficiency and ensuring required systems, such as Intelleviewer, operate consistently and effectively.

So far nearly 2000 computers have been replaced with an additional 3200 to be replaced by 30 June. The aim is to complete the rollout of more than 5500 across the state by the end of June 2022.

The following table summarises progress to date, with the initial rollout commencing in South Brisbane with Ambulatory & Outpatient Services (AOPS) and Mater Private Hospital Brisbane Annerley Road campus.


Number of consult rooms / new computers 

Scheduled date 

To note 

MHB L2, L3, L4, Salmon and Neurosciences 


100% of consultation rooms identified as needing Intelleviewer access: 

already completed  

Users in these areas should access computers in these consultation rooms using the existing generic accounts


Annerley Road 




100% of consultation rooms identified as needing Intelleviewer access:

 already completed

Users in these areas should use their own credentials (Mater User ID) to access new computers in Annerley Road consultation rooms 

Further updates on the status of the rollout to other locations as well as the plans for moving from generic accounts to individual accounts will be provided in the near future.  

What does this mean for users in these areas?

  • Two icons will be visible when you log-in (as per screenshot below)  
  • Only use the icon called ‘Consulting Rooms Only’ when you are in a Consult Room  


The following support is being provided in each area as we transition 

  • Floorwalkers will be available to assist users with the transition to new computers using Windows 10; 
  • Floorwalkers will be rounding back on a regular basis over the coming weeks to ensure issues are resolved and provide further guidance on the transition to new computers using Windows 10; and
  • If you require assistance, please contact the DTI Service Centre on 07 3163 2000.

What's next:
To improve access to telehealth, further updates to the computers across Mater's South Brisbane campus are planned to be delivered during the period 5 April through to 30 April 2021.

If there are any queries or concerns relating to the above changes please contact the DTI Service Centre on 07 3163 2000 or   

Alastair Sharman

Chief Digital Officer, Mater


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