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This page contains information for general practitioners on how to refer patients aged 16 years and over to Urology services at Mater Hospital Brisbane. These services are offered in our specialist outpatient clinics and for eligible patients aged between 16 and 25 years at Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane. 

Scope of Service

This service includes referrals for patients residing within the Brisbane region and tertiary referrals for patients in regional and rural areas via the Urology Outreach service.

This service is unable to accept referrals for vasectomies and provides a limited service only for erectile dysfunction and fertility referrals. Patients should be advised of alternative options for these services.

Referral Criteria

Please include all of the minimum referral requirements and:

  • For Renal / Ureteric Calculi
    • ELFTs; FBC; MSU for MCS
    • KUB Xray; non-contrast renal tract CT
  • For Microscopic Haematuria (Microhaematuria)
    • ELFTs; FBC; MSU for MCS
    • Urine cytology x 3
    • If microhaematuria in 2 of 3 samples: CT IVP
    • Consider renal USS only if: <40 yrs, non-smoker, no risk factors
  • For Macroscopic Haematuria (Macrohaematuria)
    • ELFTs; FBC; MSU for MCS
    • Urine Cytology x 3
    • CT IVP
  • For Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
    • ELFTs; FBC; MSU for MCS
    • Urinary Symptom Score (IPSS)
    • USS renal tract with residuals
    • Bladder diary (if primarily frequency and urgency of urination)
    • If Male <75 yrs: PSA
  • For Male Incontinence or Male Urinary Tract Infection
    • ELFTs; FBC; MSU for MCS
    • Urinary Symptom Score (IPSS)
    • USS renal tract with residuals
    • Bladder diary (if primarily frequency and urgency of urination)
    • If <75 yrs: PSA
  • For Female Incontinence
    • ELFTs; FBC; MSU for MCS
    • USS renal tract with residuals
    • Bladder diary
  • For Female Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections
    • MSU for MCS history
    • USS renal tract with residuals
  • For Renal Mass
    • ELFTs; FBC; MSU for MCS
    • Urine Cytology x 3
    • CT scan 4 phase
    • Chest Xray
  • For Bladder Tumour
    • ELFTs; FBC; MSU for MCS
    • Urine Cytology x 3
    • CT IVP
  • For Testicular Mass
    • ELFTs; FBC; MSU for MCS
    • LDH, Alpha FP, beta HCG
    • USS testes
    • Contrast CT chest, abdomen and pelvis
  • For Elevated PSA
    • ELFTs; FBC
    • MSU for MCS (repeat if > 3 months since last test)
    • PSA and PSA history
  • For Renal Cyst
    • ELFTs; FBC; MSU for MCS
    • Renal USS
    • CT (if complex cyst)

Mater Adult Referral Form

Referrals can be sent by:

Secure messaging           Medical Objects:   HM4101000R8

                                     HealthLink EDI:      materref                                                                                             

Fax                                07 3163 8548.

Referral Categorisation

Available appointments are provided to our patients based on clinical priority. These appointments are offered based on the appropriate clinical stream and related relevant practitioner consultation. This ensures the most appropriate and timely review.

Examples only (not a complete list of referrals accepted).

This should be used as a general guideline only – categorisation will be based on the individual referral.





- Ureteric calculi (regardless of size)

- Confirmed cancer diagnosis: bladder, kidney, prostate or testicular

- Symptomatic renal or bladder stones

- Bladder, kidney or testicular mass NOT confirmed as cancer

- Haematuria

- Hydronephrosis

- Malignant cytology (for discussion with urologist only if atypical)

- IDC dependant / AUR

- Urethral stricture

- Asymptomatic renal or bladder stones

- Elevated PSA: <6 weeks if under 70 yrs; 6-12 weeks if 70+ yrs

- Sterile pyuria

- Recurrent urinary infections

- Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS)

- Phimosis

- Symptomatic renal cysts

- Epididymitis

- Chronic IDC


- Chronic testicular pain: no mass, normal USS

- Hydrocoele/epididymal cysts

- Variocoele

- Incontinence (with no other LUTS)

- Asymptomatic renal cysts (classified as simple on USS/CT)

- Peyronies


Mater endeavours to see all priority patients within 30 days from GP referral

Mater endeavours to see all semi urgent patients within 3 months from GP referral

Mater endeavours to see all routine referrals within 12 months from GP referral


Our Specialists

Dr Roger Watson Director  –  Department of Urology & Continence
Dr David Winkle Urologist
Dr Peter Swindle Urologist
Dr Stuart Philip Urologist
Dr Adrian Clubb Urologist
Dr Jodi Hirst Urologist
Dr Andrew Jennings Urologist 
Jude Logan Urology Nurse Practitioner
Kylie Everett Urology Stone Nurse Practitioner
Included in the team is a prostate cancer specialist nurse and specialist urology nurses


Bulk Billed Clinics

Mater Health Services offers patients the opportunity to attend bulk billed clinics. To provide your patient with the opportunity to attend a bulk billed specialist clinic, please provide a named referral to the Head of Department.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss a referral, including clinical criteria, or update the status of a current patient please contact our priority GP phone line on 07 3163 2200 

Content reviewed 23/12/15


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